10 things...

1. More than a musician or an entrepreneur, I'm an artist... for goodness (sake!)

2. Serving others is the core of everything I do and have done

3. I believe in the fundamental goodness of people and the ever-increasing beauty of life

4. Art is my way of expressing these subtler experiences that transcend transactional interaction

5. I've always wanted to serve people. That feeling evolved as I matured and manifested in so many different ways

6. As long as I'm giving back to my communities, I generally feel happy and fulfilled

7. I learned that trying to fulfill my own ambitions is empty for me when I'm not connecting with people and adding value to their lives with my work

8. That's why I love offering my skills in service to others

9. I like making other people's lives better

10. I used to try and compartmentalize myself: musician, designer, meditator, etc. I'm done with that. This is me... How can I serve you?